ADANGS - Burgers Restaurant Design

Project Name: ADANGS – Burgers Restaurant Design

Interior Design: Usual Studio 

Designer: Lin Jingrui

Team:Lin Jingrui, Wen Hsin, Wang Kunhui, Huang Shudi

Location:Hangzhou, China


Project Year:May 2019

Photo Credit:Usual Studio

Adangs is a light food catering start-up brand that provides customers with high-quality burgers. In the interior design of the burger shop, we hope to create a dining experience that distinguishes the style and quality of the regular fast food restaurant environment. In the selection of the design unit, through the inspection of the actual landing project, Adangs founders finally chose to commission Usual Studio to design the store space.

At the beginning of the design, Usual Studio extracted the sandwich elements of the classic image of Hamburg. The sandwich is the core of the quality of the burger. The store space is understood by the sandwich space defined by the building slab. For example, the most exciting and delicious food in Hamburg is in the sandwich. between. The sleek lights of the lamp line fill the main façade of the shop to become a striking visual image, attracting passers-by.

In combination with the black gold color design of the brand’s visual image, the store space also uses a large number of black gold blocks, and the store space also uses a large number of black gold blocks. The primary and secondary double-entry design maximizes the link to the mall, the entrance is directly facing the service desk, and the self-service ordering machine is set up nearby. The profiled ceiling uses a metal tube to create a fluttering visual effect that echoes the heart of the burger – soft and delicious, and with the sharp geometric lines of the original space that collide with the tactile beauty of the space, adding aesthetic care to the use function.

Warm table and chair with cold and luxurious marble balance temperature feeling. Dark metal and stone add space to the weight, making it feel stable and secure, and the undulating metal ceiling outlines the flow of space. The floor-to-ceiling glass in the venue is preserved, and outdoor light is introduced during the day, and the light passes through the metal grille above to make the atmosphere softer and more comfortable.

The kitchen space and dining space are designed as a whole to form a service island; the dining area is surrounded by the Nakajima to achieve the best service efficiency and the most efficient kitchen function. At the same time, the open kitchen interface allows the customer to intuitively operate the kitchen, and the visible raw materials and processing make people feel at ease. At the entrance, a part of the kitchen is exposed to the glass exterior for display, and the customer can observe the preparation process of the food such as the roasting of the steak, and the dining experience becomes more interesting.

As the founder of Adangs said, “We have a customizable burger and we want to provide our customers with a unique dining experience.” There is no shadow of a regular shop in this burger space design. “The delicious hamburger” is a A space tailored for light burgers.